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Slovenia Control uses Albatross Display Professional Edition for the ADaas project with MUAC

ADaaS project used Albatross as one of the radar applications connected to the ATM data as a service application. Air traffic controllers at Slovenia Control’s Ljubljana Area Control Centre have successfully handled shadow operations in Slovenian airspace using data processed remotely at EUROCONTROL’s Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) as part of the “ATM Data […]

Leidos awards SkySoft-ATM recording subcontract

Leidos awards SkySoft-ATM recording subcontract SkyRec software will be progressively deployed on Advanced Technologies & Oceanic Procedures (ATOP) Leidos recently awarded a subcontract to SkySoft-ATM under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Advanced Technologies & Oceanic Procedures (ATOP) program. Under the subcontract, SkySoft will deliver a solution to record the controller’s workstation monitors as well as […]

SkySoft-ATM Joins GUTMA

SkySoft-ATM Joins GUTMA The Swiss ATM solutions provider is involved in UTM activities. The Gobal UTM association is representing organizations distributed across 15 countries and 7 activities: Air navigation service providers, UAS manufacturers, UAS operators, UTM software providers, Infrastructure providers, Regulatory bodies, and Academic experts. SkySoft-ATM is proud to bring over 15 years of Air Traffic Management solution development  experience to the […]

SkySoft-ATM will be exhibiting at the World ATM Congress in Madrid

The world’s largest exhibition for ATC, Word ATM Congress 2017, is almost upon us (7-9 March). Skyguide, SkySoft-ATM, WEY Technology will share a booth under the Swiss ATM Solutions banner. The 3 Swiss companies will present their solutions and technologies specifically addressing the needs of the ATM market. We would like to invite you to come […]

SkySoft-ATM a new Silver Member of CANSO

SkySoft-ATM a new Silver Member of CANSO The subsidiary of Skyguide has joined CANSO as of January 2017. Being part of CANSO and participate to the activities and events proposed by the organization will provide Skysoft-ATM valuable opportunities to share experience and deep knowledge of the ATM business with fellow members and industry stakeholders at […]